Friday, August 1, 2014

Loud & Proud

Things I love about this dress: 
  1. Its vibrant colors.
  2. The transition of its patterns.
  3. It's a high-low.
  4. It has a built in bra (less work for me, heh).
  5. A friend from middle school gifted it to me for my birthday- so thank you, Kristy!
I just loooove the way high-low dresses highlight the attractive part of the legs. They cast a shadow on the back, causing the silhouette of the legs to stand out so that they look leaner and longer. 

I accessorized with a pair of cat sunglasses that I purchased from Aldo. I love them dearly because they're It's like they reached out to me at the store and and told me "buy me, you know you want to". Personally, they're just a reminder that fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously. There will always be new trends to keep up with, but never let that stop you from wearing what you really want.

After searching everywhere for the perfect pair of summer wedges, I finally settled for this pair from Mossimo. I've never worn wedges prior to this purchase, which would explain why I find it so difficult to walk in them. If one part of your feet tilt too much to an angle, then ALL of you goes down with it! How horrific. Still, I have to give these wedges some credit on being comfortable because they're cushioned.

Photographer: Susan Wu
Sunglasses: Aldo (similar) // Wedges: Mossimo // Dress: Material Girl

Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon. :)