Friday, June 12, 2015

90 Degrees

I went outside today and felt the very definition of the world "dread". The first heap of warm, humid air suffocated me and reminded me of what the weather is to come for the next 3 months. 'Tis the season for sweaty armpits and sauna-like subway stations! 

If I were to give you advice on how to dress for the scorching hot weather, I would straight up just tell you to get naked and go outside- but we both know that such a thing not socially acceptable. Plus, I love clothes too much to not wear any! So, here is what you can do to stay cool this summer.

Fabrics such as cotton, rayon, chiffon, silk ,and mesh are great to wear in the summer. Cotton absorbs moisture, while the rest of these fabrics allow for ventilation. This outfit was comfortable to wear and easy to put together. However, I just want to add that as a sweaty individual, I do regret wearing this top when it was 90 degrees outside. My sweat seeped through this paper-thin button up as soon as I headed out. So if you have hyperactive sweat glands like I do, opt for a thicker, more absorbent top.

Photographed by Samm Kim (his name is spelled with two m's!)
Top: Calvin Klein | Shorts: H&M | Sandals: Steve Madden

Love you guys,