Thursday, December 24, 2015


As a girl who finds so much joy and hope in fashion, it is always an inspiration to watch how others demonstrate their love for fashion as well. My friend Thierno is among one the people who have amazed me throughout the times we've interacted. The mere observation of his hard work and dedication is enough to motivate even the laziest person. He's a student from my college who hit me up on Instagram to discuss a collaboration (this shoot is it!), and I've been keeping updated with his collections ever since. He started his own fashion line at the age of 17 after working his first job at SoHo. Since then, he's been creating pieces that gears towards millennials. Watching him strive for success motivates me to keep on going and to try harder everything I do.

I can't stress it enough how his patchwork game is sooo point. Now, this crew neck is from his Spring 2015 collection. Check out his updated lookbook to see what's new. 
Thierno, I am really proud of  everything you've accomplished throughout the years. You've worked hard to get to where you are now, and you deserve the recognition. Keep doin' you!

Photographed by Thierno Baldé
Top: Comme BaldéSkirt: H&M | Booties: Steve Madden