Thursday, January 7, 2016

Denim x Denim

A winter inevitability: messy, tangled hair that looks like a it's been through a tornado. Most of it should be wrapped around a scarf and as the day goes on, clusters of strands gradually fall out of the loosely worn garment.

Everything I'm wearing here are staples to my closet. It's nothing fancy, but it says a lot about my preferred style this winter (straight up raggedy and lazy).

I recently got this scarf because I wanted to add some color into my wardrobe and I loved the extent of its saturation. Hopefully it won't fade away after a few washes cause it definitely won't feel the same without the richness of its color.

I pretty much wear these booties everyday, everywhere, to every occasion.

This watch too.

It grasped my attention because it was gender neutral according to Amazon. It's perfect for a girl who doesn't always dress feminine.

 Photographed by Ariel Leung (IG)

Who A.U: Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket & Scarf | Uniqlo: Denim Legging Pants | Casio: Watch | Old Navy: Moto Ankle Boot

Love you guys, please stay warm.