Tuesday, January 10, 2017


In my group of friends, I am notoriously known for wearing black all the time. Whether it be for a celebration, a formal event, dance practice, or just a casual day of hanging out. Black is my go to, it's the color I feel most comfortable and confident in, which is why I wear it excessively. I usually end up wearing black from head to toe... like literally head to toe because my hair is black too. I know that an all black outfit could look lazy or like it wasn't carefully put together, but wearing all black doesn't have to look boring or like effort was not put into it. When it comes to putting together an all black outfit, the key is to focus on texture. I will demonstrate and explain how I put together the all black outfit for this post and hopefully it will be of some use to you guys!


For the outfit I am wearing, both the polka dotted stockings and the sleeves of my top give off a soft and dainty vibe because they're thin & see-through. Nylon and lace always make my outfits a bit more girly, which is nice to wear on occasion, but if you know me, you know that I'm not much of a dainty person. I prefer to toughen up the look and to do so in this case, I added additional layers by putting on a pair of shorts from Zara that are very thick and structured. Lastly, I threw on my suede vest as a cherry on top. 

If you prefer a softer look, you could replace the shorts and wear a skirt made mostly of cotton that hugs your body just right. Also, instead of wearing pleather booties with a thick heel, try suede booties with a thinner heel for a more sophisticated look.

To accessorize this look, I put on a pair of black and gold earrings (that you can't really see in these photos), my every day watch, a gold friendship bracelet from my bestie, then I stepped right into my heeled booties.

Photographed by Cecille Weinstein

Charlotte Russe: Top | Zara: Shorts | Topshop: Booties | Kate Spade: Bracelet | Cross Roads: Vest | Casio: Watch

Hope you're all having a lovely New Year!