Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dark Layers

High-low top: Forever21

Sweater: H&M
Necklace: Boutique (I forgot the name of it)
Jacket: Gift from grandma
Pumps: Go Jane
Bag: Steve Madden

Unfortunately, Spring in NYC hasn't been as warm as it was in the previous years. I can't put up with wearing a winter jacket every day so I put on layers upon thin layers of clothing to keep myself warm without looking like a cotton ball. Fun fact: this outfit was put together by five layers in total! New Yorkers are infamously known to wear a lot of black; this is because black is easy to style and is always in trend. I wanted to wear a bold, dark, outfit without looking bland so I mixed different textures of black- suede on the pumps, chiffon, cotton, and leather on the top, and spandex on the bottom. Since my entire outfit revolved around such a dark shade, I threw in a coral necklace and grabbed my leather maroon bag for a splash of color. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Talk to you soon,


Disclaimer: I get cold easily.
Disclaimer: These photos were taken in late April, it is muuuuch warmer now! :)