Saturday, July 25, 2015


A simple outfit, for a simple me.

You don't need to wear what they wear in order to shine, you don't need to act like someone you're not. Let your beauty radiate through your bare naked personality. Be vulnerable, it's not a weakness, but a strength. 

Love unconditionally- you're forgiven for so many of the screw ups in your life, so you have no right to hold anything against your neighbors. 

Lastly, remember that there is no need to compete. Life is not a competition; it's a beautiful gift given to you and you have the free will to do what you want with it. It's good to be ambitious and motivated, but do you ever stop and think to yourself, "Did anything I accomplish matter?" Once you disappear from the face of the Earth, will any of it count towards anything?

Have you made the world a better place? 

Photographed by Susan Wu
Top: H&M | Shorts: Salvation Army DIY | Shoes: Topshop |  Necklace: AE

Love always,