Friday, March 2, 2018

Rainy Day Blues

Hey everyone! The weather on the east coast has been absolutely wild. It would snow, rain, and feel like a hot summer day all in the same week! A couple of days ago, it rained pretty hard at New Paltz, so I took the opportunity to shoot some rainy day pictures with my friend Bryan. 

When I put together outfits for rainy days, my usual first step is to grab a cap to match the gloomy mood, which is just what I did for this look. On top of this cap I got from the SF airport, I put on a navy blue wind breaker to protect my clothes from getting wet, as well as to minimize the damage from the unforgiving wind. Lastly, I stepped into a basic pair of rain boots because... you know... to obviously prevent my feet from getting soaked haha. This look isn't anything special- just what I wore on a regular degular day where it was pouring outside. 

I came across this Loser Machine top while I was looking around the men's section of Urban Outfitters for something comfortable and tomboy-like. I thought it was supposed to be a sarcastic/witty top, but I found out later on that it's an actual brand with a couple of dope pieces. 

I love that the wind breaker and cap are similar shades of blue. It really makes the outfit look more put together compared with if I were to wear contrasting shades of the same color.

Photographed by Bryan Sison
Hat: Airport in SF
Windbreaker: thrifted from Melting Pot Kilo (Brussels, Belgium)
Top: Loser Machine (brand) / Urban Outfitters (store)
Jeans: Pacsun
Boots: Old Navy

Thank you for reading! Love you guys!